Of course, I used to watch Heroes on NBC (which featured my daughter-in-law, Ali Larter) and Perfect Couples on NBC (which featured my son, Hayes MacArthur). Many of the shows I watch are set on TIVO, which is easier for me given my schedule.

The Good Wife (CBS)
"fantastic writing and acting."

Charlie Rose (PBS)
"great interviews, really thoughtful, very topical."

NFL football
"Particularly the Chicago Bears."

PBS News Hour

NBC Nightly News

Glee (FOX)
"I love it! A great contemporary show."

Modern Family (ABC)
"Extraordinarily well written,
great acting, and real-world today."

Life's Too Short
About a dwarf in England, written by Ricky Gervais ... it's REALLY funny."

"One of my favorite
channels for business news."

Oprah's shows
"She does some pretty special interviews."

US Open and any golf.


The Boss

Planet Earth

HBO specials