Over the past 30 years, I've created international enterprises worth billions of dollars as a result of persistent hard work, vision and passion. Work is one of my great joys in life: I find that work rarely feels like work because my work is a true labor of love.

A willingness to take risks is necessary for great success. Many people could be as successful as I am, or more so, but fear of failure often holds them back. I overcame my own fear of failure by focusing with passion on my dream and my vision; doing something each day to get me one step closer to my goal; and not letting failures along the way deter me.

Great success means overcoming great obstacles. I guided Fruit of the Loom from a $500 million domestic company to a $5 billion global clothing giant, and along the way, I experienced intense trials. I have been on top of the highest mountain and in the depths of the lowest valleys. Through it all, I have set positive intentions, stayed passionate about everything I do, and treated the people around me with kindness and respect.

Don't give up! One of the biggest reasons many people fail is that they give up too soon. Steady, consistent effort toward a goal over a long period of time is required. The results of your effort will come.

Dare to dream big. I come from a poor family, and my first job was delivering newspapers as a boy. I wasn’t earning much – mostly nickels – but I dared to dream big.

Ask for what you want, without qualification. Many people are scared to ask for their dreams directly and confidently. Accept no limits, and your success will know no limits.

Founder and CEO
Farley Industries

Former Chairman and CEO
Fruit of the Loom
Northwest Industries

Former CEO
Anaheim Citrus Products

Horatio Alger Award
America’s Freedom Foundation Award